Windshield Wiper Drive Application

Be ingenious

Customer: Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry

Market: Light duty on highway – European market

BRACE execution: Interior domain cluster

Location: BRACE offices & Customer offices

Brace Automotive was requested to design a windscreen wiper, with tandem wipe pattern, for a passenger car. The customer purchased the drive assembly linkage and the wiper arms from different suppliers, so this application was designed parallel with other companies according the customer specification.

The design needed to comply to the following topics: - The kinematics of the wiper drive should be cleaning the law required part of the windscreen. - Avoidance of noise transmission - Assembly plant requirements (easy tool usage and low cycle time) - Wiper attack angle

The design of the wiper drive was done by skeleton-based modeling to be able to modify the kinematics and the geometry of the parts very quickly. Most of the parts are member of the family, so it was possible to use them from template parts. By using the skeleton-based model it was easy to check the clearance between the assembly and the linkage in mounted position to avoid any collision under usage.

The assembly, subassemblies and parts were the base of the cost-calculation and the preparation of the feasibility at the production plant.

Results: - Drawings for suppliers compliant to the required standards and requirements - Available model, consistent of the correct maturity level, during the complete development of the passenger car (Prototype, A/B/C- “muster”) - Design introduced to the field in 2012