Crash Safety on vehicle interior components

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Customer: Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry

Market: Light duty on highway – European market

BRACE execution: Interior domain cluster

Location: BRACE offices & Customer offices

Vehicle manufacturers are required to meet safety standards for passengers. Especially the elements of interior equipment, must respect the European Standard ECE-R21. This standard defines specific criteria regarding the components that could interfere with the vehicle occupant's head during a crash.

To allow the homologation of various vehicle interior systems BRACE automotive has created numerical simulations of a crash test. We have created the complete 3D data set of the passenger with CATIA V5, the vehicle 3D-model and realized the relevant kinematics simulations. This in order to define the impact points of the dummy's head with the various components, interior trim and sun visors.

Once the impact points of the dummy's head have been defined, we made the design changes on the relevant components and systems to ensure a non-destruction of the interior systems and minimise passenger injury consequences. We have proposed new concepts for changing the interior components and produced drawings of a "Swing Study and Crash Test".

BRACE produced full reports, conceptual design changes, numerical simulations, test results and explanatory information enabling our client to validate various interior components and systems.