Vehicle electrification

Be ingenious

Customer:Small OEM in recreational passenger vehicles

Market: Recreational passenger vehicles - European market

BRACE execution: Design, selection and integration of an electric powertrain in an existing vehicle

Location: BRACE offices, client’s office

BRACE Automotive was hired to manage and engineer the development of an electric recreational vehicle, due to the increasing demand for electric recreational vehicles. The petrol engine of the original vehicle had to be replaced by an electric version, while keeping as much as possible of the rest of the vehicle the same to keep the costs down.

The electric powertrain had to be best in class, while still being as low cost as possible. The vehicles’ range, load capacity, top speed, charge time and cost all had to be better compared to their competitors. These requirements combined with the time pressure, left no room for error. The development, selection of parts and prototype build had to be done right the first time.

At the start of the prototype build, there were no CAD drawings of the chassis. Because of the hand build production method the design has to cope with very high tolerances. First the chassis had to be measured and drawn up in CAD in order to arrange all the parts on the chassis to integrate them into the vehicle.

The main tasks that were appointed are:
• Coordinate the development of a proof of concept
• Designing, calculation and integration of electric powertrain compliant to European Standards
• Structural design in CAD
• Project management
• Type approval research and qualification
• UNECE research and implementation
• ECE100 Norm implementation
• EMC Testing support
• Communication with parts suppliers
• High and low voltage wiring diagram