Transmission suitable for (P)HEV driving - modifying lubrication & hydraulics

Be ingenious

Customer: Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry

Market: Light duty on highway - Asia

BRACE execution: Powertrain domain cluster

Location’s: BRACE offices & customer site

To allow the vehicle’s transmission to operate while driving in EV-mode (combustion engine shut off), a parallel oil supply system is added.

The system contains a (off the shelf) E-driven oil pump and valve to maintain only the strictly necessary lubrication while driving purely EV. Some additional parts are added to have a fully integrated system. The transmission housing is adapted by adding channels, mounting features and valve bores. A carefully chosen placement of the auxiliary system leaves the best position for the controller & interface of the E-pump. Adaptations are made to the transmission’s mechanically driven oil pump to cope with the rotational differences in EV-mode.

BRACE was able to pull this off in only 6 months development time for Proof-of-Concept to series tooling release.

After a thorough investigation of transmission functional and subsystem requirements a concept was created and validated using the following steps:

  • A-sample design as proof of concept using existing components. Testbench test used for requirement validation.
  • B2-sample prototypes based on adapting B1-sample tooling for full system integration prototypes (and tests).
  • After Successful B2-sample vehicle functional tests design for series tooling is completed.

Being in close collaboration at the clients’ organisation the customer benefited from an exceptional short lead time.