Software Development for Euro VI Engine

Be ingenious

Customer: Automotive OEM

Market: Heavy duty on highway - European market

BRACE execution: Control & Software / Model Based Design competence cluster

Location: Customer site

New software had to be developed for the EURO VI engines. As input for this the Technical Requirements were provided by the System Owners (OBD, Vehicle, Aftertreatment, Emissions control, etc.). These requirements are processed in an architecture phase and assigned to different functions and their software modules. The software modules were specified in 2 different ways.

1) requirements are leading and 2) the algorithm, a Matlab/Simulink model, is leading.

In case where the algorithms were leading the models and dataset were made ready for auto coding. All the delivered software modules were being processed by a TierI supplier into the ECU. The testing was done by a TierI supplier and the OEM.

The project in numbers:

  • 50 Technical Requirement documents to be processed

  • 83 Model based document creations

  • 22 Model based documents, models and test case creations

  • +/- 50 people