Scantool requirements for India

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Customer: Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry

Market: Light duty & Heavy duty on highway – India

BRACE execution: OBD Competence Cluster

Location: BRACE offices

BRACE consulted in identifying requirements for the Scantool function for India passenger cars and trucks. The Scantool function makes sure that every OBD vehicle can be read out via a standardized and cheap diagnostic tool for where it concerns exhaust gas emissions related systems.

Based on legislation, SAE standards and typical technologies used BRACE developed a guideline or checklist where it could be found what needs to be supported and what data must be transferred. Also BRACE reviewed test reports on Scantool from local OEMs as send to the Tier I client of BRACE. BRACE commented where OEM or where Tier I was correct and if applicable what needed to be changed.