Resolution of OBD Deficiencies

Be ingenious

Customer: Automotive OEM

Market: Heavy Duty on highway – North American market

BRACE execution: OBD Competence Cluster

Location: BRACE office

For an OEM that is active on the North-American market BRACE provided support in solving several OBD deficiencies. A deficiency means that the US legislator has accepted the OBD system design but has some point that they want to see improved by essentially the next model year. Since OBD deficiencies are not typically included in project plans they are always a uncomfortable surprise to OEMs and need very quick action.

BRACE supported the OEM in getting some of the deficiencies resolved in a very short timeframe. For this the comments by the legislator had to be reviewed, impact on the current OBD system design needed to be assessed and concepts had to be made that could solve the deficiency.

BRACE setup test requests to be executed by the OEM and supervised on the results while in paralell converting the concepts to requirements for the software changes.