Predictive Cruise Control

Be ingenious

Customer: OEM

Market: Heavy-duty on-highway - Europe

BRACE execution: Chassis domain cluster

Location: Customer office

Cruise control systems are a great way to improve fuel efficiency by ensuring a more constant speed. In uphill and downhill driving however a driver can typically be more efficient by anticipating.

For example when driving downhill the driver can choose to allow the vehicle to reach a higher speed to use that energy in the uphill section that follows. Also in the uphill section just before reaching the top of the hill a slightly lower vehicle speed could be a choice as the vehicle will accelerate easier in just a moment from now.

Predictive Cruise Control systems are a Driver Assistance System that use data from GPS and navigation maps (which include terrain features of the road) to mimic this behavior of the driver. The setpoint of the vehicle speed can be altered slightly by this system.

BRACE has worked on the implementation of such a system in a heavy-duty truck. Interaction with the supplier, modifications of the existing cruise control functionality, discussions with function owners of other but related vehicle functions and the setup and execution of tests at HIL bench and on vehicle were tasks executed by BRACE.