Off-highway hydraulic hybrid driveline

Be ingenious

Customer: Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry

Market: Heavy duty off highway - Worldwide

BRACE execution: Model Based Design & Auto-coding Competence Cluster

Location: Customer site

BRACE contributed to a project that focuses on series hydraulic hybrid drivelines. The classic hydrostatic basic driveline is augmented with a high and low pressure accumulator capable of storing energy. Energy is harvested in several ways, (i) from the ICE when operating in part load (ii) from the vehicle when it is braking, or (iii) lowering its implements.

This stored energy in the accumulators is used in a smart way to improve overall system efficiency.

BRACE’s work mainly consists of modelling plant models and advanced controller algorithms at different levels in the conceptual stage of the project. BRACE utilized simulation tools like Matlab, Simulink and Amesim for modelling and validation purposes.