OBD Certification Document Support

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Customer: Automotive OEM

Market: Heavy duty on highway – North American market

BRACE execution: OBD Competence Cluster

Location: BRACE offices

For a Heavy-duty vehicle for the North-American market parts of the certification documents to get type-approval for the OBD-system have been written and/or reviewed by BRACE Automotive.

The customer needs the documentation package of several hundreds of pages to describe how every diagnostic works, to what values it has been calibrated and how the set of diagnostics work together. Documentation must be made according to legislator defined templates and must be both technically comprehensive and easy to understand for an outsider. The most demanding legislator in the USA is the California Air Resources Board which is also where this customer certifies. Documentation is provided in the form of a summary table, a textual description with backgrounds and flowcharts.

BRACE Automotive tasks were first to check the documentation of diagnostics on several major sensors under “Comprehensive components” and “Exhaust gas sensors”. BRACE was monitoring for compliancy to legislator expectations on the diagnostics and the documentation itself. Secondly BRACE Automotive has written documentation for several major sensors based on software specifications and requirements from the customer.

BRACE Automotive has been asked to fulfill this task in multiple model-years for the customer.