KERS (flywheel hybrid) packaging study

Be ingenious

Customer: Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry

Market: Light duty on highway - Worldwide

BRACE execution: Powertrain Domain cluster

Location’s: BRACE office

The goal of the project was to study the possibility of putting a Kinetic Energy Recovery System into a B-class vehicle. Requirements were given:

  • Front wheel driven
  • Manual gear box
  • Transverse mounted petrol engine (approx. 70kW)

The scope was to generate a 3D representative model and search for possible KERS integration positions. To get to the goal a vehicle investigation was done. From this investigation an overview of packaging space was created. From the generated list a representative vehicle was chosen to reverse engineer the packaging envelope. By disassembly and 3D scanning of powertrain and engine bay, CAD models were generated. With reference points the powertrain and engine bay could be matched together.

Considering the system’s interface, multiple concepts to integrate the KERS were generated in 3D CAD and reported with conclusions and recommendations. Additional opportunities with a slight change of requirements were offered as well.

Adding to the scope of work also feasibility of the system integration was stated, with a look into the future a critical and some much appreciated advise was given.