Heavy duty US 2010 engine OBD

Be ingenious

Customer: Automotive OEM

Market: Heavy Duty on highway – North American market

BRACE execution: OBD Competence Cluster

Location: Customer Site

Development of the EMD* system and SCR inducement system on the Diesel engine for the US:

Incl: legislation interpretation, legislator discussions, supplier discussions, industry group discussions, SAE and ISO standard committee discussions, algorithm development, algorithm preparation for use in embedded software, requirements administration, SW testing + calibration on HIL, engine bed and vehicle, testing at test tracks, public road and on test trip in the US, certification document generation, certification, support for set-up of compliant change-control and warranty processes of emission-related components.

*EMD is comparable to OBDI


  • Heavy Duty US 2010 engine entered production in summer 2010 with CARB and EPA approval.