Gear and shaft assembly

Be ingenious

Customer: Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry

Market: Light duty on highway - Asia

BRACE execution: Powertrain domain cluster

Location: BRACE office and Customer location

Assembling a gear on a shaft seems simple at first sight, nevertheless major problems can occur such as Misalignment of gear on the shaft or Spline misfit due to manufacturability or assembly issues

To solve these problems without changing the concept, BRACE did research on how to maintain capable tolerances and form deviations on the manufacturing side without exceeding assembly press forces. At the same time a minimum press force is given so the gear does not come off the shaft while axially loaded. In order to fulfill all those requirements a close cooperation with the manufacturing department and heat treatment supplier generated useful data.

  • Measurements of gear teeth data before and after assembling
  • Assembly forces
  • Deviation due to heat treatment

Combining all data and creating prototypes with various geometries resulted in a solution pleasing all related departments. Final releases with revised drawings were delivered with reported research how dimensions and tolerances are defined.