Functional safety on a AWD vehicle's rear axle differential

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Customer: Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry

Market: On-highway passenger cars and light commercial vehicles - Global

BRACE execution: Functional Safety Competence Cluster

Location: BRACE offices & Customer offices

For a supplier of differential systems with differential locks or with a torque vectoring differential a complex project forced them to make another step in their Functional Safety efforts.

The project was complex due to a three-way constellation type of contract. The subsupplier to this TierI is a direct TierI supplier themselves for other variants of the same vehicle. The applications for which our customer is involved are small volume series.

BRACE has been involved in this project on both project management sides and as technical advisory. The activities of BRACE can be summed up as: - Verify input from OEM such as HARA and Safety Goals and discuss at the OEM - Redo the HARA - Use System Engineering to setup a Functional Safety concept - Derive the Technical Safety concept and the related requirements also by System Engineering - Define development interfaces and sign-off test criteria with the sub supplier - Setup the DIA (Development Interface Agreement) to OEM and sub supplier together with the Tier I legal department