Fleetmanagement data collection via OBD connector

Be ingenious

Customer: Fleetmanagement systems provider - Start-up company

Market: Light duty on highway – Europe

BRACE execution: Chassis domain cluster in cooperation with the OBD Competence Cluster

Location: BRACE offices

For a client outside the automotive domain BRACE provided support in his attempts to read data about the vehicle status from the OBD port. This data was used for fleet management systems. Some of the data is freely available based on legislation-driven standard protocols such as OBD KWP-on-CAN. Other data is available to i.e. an OEM workshop tool or is only available on the internal communication networks of the car. To achieve access to this type of data support from the OEM is needed or reverse engineering is possible. In this project no OEM support was available. By reverse engineering with the help of the BRACE CAN-tool we were able to read and/or calculate all requested data with the required accuracy out of different vehicles of the most popular OEM's on the EU market. We added expertise to read data in such a way that no disruptions to the function of any in-vehicle functionality occurred, not even low-priority background functions. Something that is not true for all products on the market today. To be sure we would never impact the vehicle we verified our ideas with various industry experts and even discussed with the authors of a draft SAE standard; intended to regulate data-sampling via the OBD port during vehicle use.