Demonstrator EGR leakage on a V6 Bi-Turbo Diesel

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Customer: BRACE internal

Market: -

BRACE execution: OBD Competence Cluster

Location: BRACE office & partners

To be able to present material that showes competence of the OBD cluster BRACE ran a demonstration project together with the HAN University of Applied Science. In this project a V6 Bi-Turbo Diesel engine in a passenger car was modified to create a controllable leakage of EGR of one cylinder bank to the environment.

Key elements were: Modify the test vehicle Setup a number of emissions tests as using the (limited capability) HAN equipment and chassis dyno Run the emissions tests with various EGR leakage rates and with no EGR leakage rate and analyse the results Check the parameters of EGR and Boost control to reverse engineer how the control system is responding to the EGR leakage Setup a test track test with the Vehicle to focus on specific area's and further analyse how the control system is responding Assess how the current OBD system of the vehicle is reacting on suggest some improvements

A number of blog's were published on the topic: