Demonstrator 4x4 vehicle Transfer Case

Be ingenious

Customer: BRACE internal

Market: -

BRACE execution: Powertrain domain cluster

Location: BRACE office

This demonstrator was intended to show the competence of BRACE automotive in development of shafts, bearings, gears setups and in the development of housings. A small transfer case was chosen as all the elements can be included. The transfer case is designed with two gears (high and low) and with an electronic shifting actuator in mind.

Major steps included in the project:

  • Requirement folder setup - performance, packaging constraints, reliability en endurance, etc.
  • Gear train design concept
  • Initial Gear geometry
  • Initial Shaft design
  • Initial Bearing calculations
  • KISSsys and KISSsoft simulations and calculations
  • Update designs on Gears and Shafts, update requirements to the Bearing selection
  • Lifetime expectation
  • Gear teeth design updates
  • Weight reduction, manufacturability and lubrication improvements
  • Housing requirement folder
  • Housing geometry concept by assesment of critical dimensions
  • Concept housing by three bodies method
  • Flank between left and right housing & mounting point on the housing
  • Improved bearing supports
  • Improvements required for casting process
  • Weight reduction of housing
  • Machining optimization
  • Tolerance studies on the housing
  • Preliminary manufacturing drawings and assembly drawings

For more information see the blog's that were published about the project: