DCT Transmission housing

Be ingenious

Customer: Tier I supplier

Market: Light-duty on-highway - Europe, North & South America and Asia

BRACE execution: Powertrain domain cluster

Location: BRACE office & Customer office

For a supplier new to development process that go completely through untill large series production BRACE has taken on the role as Design Responsible for the transmission housing of a DCT transmission.

In this role BRACE engineers act as project coordinators and steer the CAD engineers of the customer in their day to day activities. Also the link to the rest of the project, handling and releasing all variants and interaction to the casting supplier and the OEM are done by BRACE engineers.

The project is executed with a resident engineer mainly on-site of the customer and further mainly from the BRACE office. Due to the geographical spread around the globe of the customers engineers and other parties involved teleconferences are the main means of communication.