Control for the demonstrator Slot-car project

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Customer: BRACE internal

Market: -

BRACE execution: Model Based Design & Auto-coding competence cluster

Location: BRACE office

Overview of demonstrator Slot-car project

This project is executed by BRACE Automotive for demonstrating the technical and process skills of its engineers. It is designed as a slot-track game which can be played between a human and a machine.

One of the slot-cars is controlled by a human and the other car is controlled by a computer. The goal of the game is to accelerate and brake in the straight part of the slot-track within the specific stop zone of 2cm. A contender is disqualified if the slot-car overshoots the stop zone. The controlled slot-car must be faster and more accurate than most contenders.

Control for the Demonstrator

The control for the Demonstrator was done using a rapid prototyping unit (RPU) developed by the HAN University for Applied Science. Using Matlab and Simulink a control model was created. The control model was built using control theory and the SISO toolbox. This model was converted to the discrete domain after which the controller performance was re-evaluated. The discrete model was auto-compiled into code for running in the HAN RPU via the HAN auto-code tool chain.. HANtune software was used for tuning the signals and parameters of this unit in real time.


The Demonstrator setup used a seperate power electronics actuator that received its commands from the RPU via CAN bus. The delays in the CAN bus setup needed to be included in the controller to maintain stability.


BRACE presented a white paper on this project at the CIA Mobile Machine Control conference in 2015. You can download the paper here:

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