Citroën DS Suspension system modeling

Be ingenious

Customer: BRACE partners

Market: Passenger cars on highway – Europe

BRACE execution: Model Based Design & Auto-coding Competence cluster

Location: Customer offices & BRACE offices

BRACE participated in a partnership with the goal of demonstrating the combination of LMS Amesim, Matlab Simscape and Matlab Simulink. In this partnership the hydro-pneumatic suspension system of a 1970 Citroën DS was reverse engineered and modeled.

For this project a physical model of the vehicle was made with a detailed model of the suspension system. Models were based on models per component and at system level.

The models were validated in a virtual environment. In addition a Citroën DS vehicle was dismantled and all of its suspension components were characterized based on dimensions measurements and on a tests bench. Finally the complete suspension system was positioned at a test bench and the models were validated against the test bench.

The project gave insights in the use of the different tools in combination with each other. It also gave insights in advanced mechanical-hydraulic control systems that are with today's electronic controls a rare item. And naturally it also raised respect to the engineers that made such an advanced design with all the limitations at the time.