CAN bus architecture/migration support

Be ingenious

Customer: OEM

Market: Heavy-duty on-highway - Europe & North-America

BRACE execution: Chassis domain cluster

Location: Customer office & BRACE offices

During this project BRACE supported the CAN architects with the migration of several functionalities from different ECU’s to a more central ECU. A setup relying more on smart sensors and smart actuators is the result.

The main goal is to reduce the number of ECU’s and thus the space required for these ECU’s in the Cabin and reduce the size of the main cable harness between the chassis and the cabin.

The other part of the work consisted of updating the CAN database to the latest state while implementing newer messages and systems to the CAN database. The database was checked for incorrect gateway and send/receive problems.

A variety of Visio diagrams were made to clarify the vehicle functions (old versus new setup) with their CAN-bus messages and associated hardwired interfaces.