Agile Software Development

Be ingenious

Customer: Automotive OEM

Market: Heavy duty on highway – North American & European market

BRACE execution: Process Competence Cluster

Location: Customer offices

In the world of automotive software the time-to-market for new software is getting ever shorter, while the complexity of the product is rapidly increasing. The challenge is to provide the highest business value in the shortest time in combination with legislation demands as well as market requests for incorporating standards such as Automotive SPICE and Functional Safety (ISO 26262).

By incorporating an agile methodology, like scrum, into a classic “V-model” process layout, the awareness to deliver functionality with the highest business value increases as well as the accuracy of the planning. The introduction was performed gradually; starting with one team and build up to a complete department within a year, containing the following aspects of scrum and kanban:

  • Roles (Product owner, scrum master, team stakeholders)
  • Meetings (Daily, sprint planning, retrospective)
  • Artifacts (Product backlog, sprint backlog, burn down)
  • Limiting of work in progress
  • Managing of the workflow

Not all aspects of scrum where incorporated because not all of them had the expected result in this environment (demonstration) or where implemented in another way (backlog grooming) focusing on achieving the highest result possible.

The main achievements after the introduction of scrum are:

  • Increased team productivity
  • Continuous improvement of the processes, workflows and tool chains
  • More realistic plans
  • Increased trust within the organization