After treatment vehicle packaging EU trucks

Be ingenious

Customer: Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry

Market: Heavy duty on highway – Europe

BRACE execution: Powertrain Domain Cluster

Location: Customer offices

A typical European truck that complies with EuroVI requires a complex exhaust system lay-out that handles post engine treatment of exhaust emissions. Typical items in this exhaust line include Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Diesel Particulate Filter and Selective Reduction Catalyst.

To integrate this complex exhaust line in a truck chassis that has many configurations and many volume claims for specific types of vehicle application is a challenge. Also requirements to exhaust gas flow, exhaust system back pressure and exhaust gas leakage must be followed for proper functionality. In addition the exhaust system must reduce the heat loss as heat is important for proper working of the catalyst system. At the same time a DPF regeneration produces a large amount of heat that can damage surrounding components.

In packaging all these requirements must be met and correct placement must be ensured for:

  • Urea doser

  • Urea mixer

  • Exhaust gas sensors

  • Catalysts

  • Exhaust gas filters

BRACE coordinated the development of a proof of concept variant and made the mechanical design of the housing. Also BRACE developped a low-cost approach to make small-series for testing purposes.