Accelerator pedal integration into trucks

Be ingenious

Customer: Automotive OEM

Market: Heavy Duty on highway – European market

BRACE execution: Chassis domain in cooperation with Interior domain

Location: Customer site

BRACE took the lead in a project concerning the improvement of an accelerator pedal. First the current design was analyzed, requirements were gathered and translated into technical system requirements, taking into account related vehicle functions.

The project also included:

  • creating the specifications of software modules, test cases, and their validation

  • creating the specification and analysis of electrical interface and ECU

  • communication with different stakeholders (technical committee, suppliers)

  • guidance of FMEA, GRPA sessions and process control

  • support the evaluation of drive-off comfort and system influence

  • design of experiment of system parameter settings with RCP modelling

  • design evaluation and optimized ergonomics

  • development of fixation and lever

  • testing of system hardware on HIL

  • defining new fault codes according to SAE guideline

  • complete engineering of components, technical specifications and process documentation

  • complete realisation of prototype accelerator pedal

  • functionality for integration with current engine platform tested on available HIL application

  • adapter plate designed for mounting accelerator pedal and increase of firewall

  • documenting further development steps and validation proposal for successor.