ACE turns 40

  • Oct. 20, 2017
  • Hans Martens

Looking back on a day of science, technology, design and humor.

Saturday September 30th, ACE employees from the Netherlands and Belgium traveled massively to South Limburg.

What was going on?

This year, ACE celebrates its 40th anniversary. That was reason enough to organize an inspiring and enjoyable getaway. To celebrate our 40th anniversary with our employees, of course, something original had to be done. This year, we organized something, particular for the partners, so they could get an idea of what their partner actually does at ACE. And that's basically thinking and designing new technical things. That explains why the 40th anniversary took place at Museumplein Limburg.

40 years: that's quite something?

If you become 40 years then you can call yourself adult. And that's how it feels like for he organizition too. Looking back on the last 20 years we have seen a huge transition from a form that was known for its supportive role in detail engineering to an organization that is capable of executing projects from a-z. Our clients at the beginning used to call for detailling a design, now they call in a much earlier stage to think about brainstorming sessions. And where we used to be afraid for the basic design of a machine's module, we now daily take responsibility for the entire process, from idea to the assembly of complete machines or a production line. There has been a huge professional growth. At the same time, we also doubled in turnover and staff during this period.

(Foto ACE kantoor Lummen)

How does it feel like getting 40?

If you get 40 years, there is not only a beautiful history on the table, but there are also challenges. How do we keep the organization vital, young and dynamic. An organization is just like a living organism. In the first years of life you learn to fall and get up and run. In the teens you are a dartel deer which jumps in the field. Like twenty, it feels like the world is on your feet. In your 30's you get responsibilities and make the first steps towards true adulthood. But from the age of 40 you have already seen something of the world. But you also have to make some effort to stay vital. It is therefore of the utmost importance that we, as an organization, stay in good condition, continue to challenge ourselves, define new horizons.

Fortunately, we can say that at the age of 40 we are still healthy. And we can conclude that on our 40th we are a warm family, living in harmony. For example, just take the fact that a number of employees have been employed for more than 25 years!

What is equally special is that we also have our childhood friends. Some clients, we can count to our clientele from the beginning, including Philips and DAF Trucks. And we also conclude that we are part of a warm larger family. For 40 years, ACE has been a healthy organization still owned by founder Jan Brand, who is still involved in the background, watching the well-being of our organization, and still regularly in contact with advice, inspiration and ideas.

What was the anniversary day like?

We wanted to do something that is in line with the DNA of our organization. Science, engineering, design. And something that fits our so-called "Be ingenious" slogan with which ACE makes a calls on everyone, both customers and employees, to distinguish themselves in terms of inventiveness and engagement.

Looking back, we can say that it was a fun and inspiring day full of science, technology, design and humor. First of all, there was a movie in a beautiful film theater, from the top of the 'International Space Station', thrown into the fragile blue world. Within the same theme of science, technology and design, we received a humorous performance by keynote Lieven Scheire, a Flemish physicist / cabaret, who told us something about physics.

Then we collectively visited the Cube Design Museum with a number of surprising exhibitions about the history of the toilet, futuristic bikes and backgrounds of famous design classics.

In between, one could enjoy a giant touchscreen, where one could find a lot more facts about ACE. Things that you might not know as a partner and even as an employee: about our history, our organization and so on. And in the end there was a cozy evening program with a walking dinner in the so-called 'Hall of Fame', accompanied by a jazz trio.

And I understood you also got a nice gift?

Prior to the anniversary, our shareholder welcomed us on our 40th birthday with a huge gift: participation as co-sponsor in the Volvo Ocean Race! Of course we are very happy about this because it will help us to move our future; It will contribute to our brand awareness and thus the growth of our organization. And, as a little attention, he also contributed to the jubilee day: a personal performance of Frank Sinatra's "I did it my way".

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