Start project SMARTcode for modelbased development of control systems - BRACE involved as partner

  • Nov. 5, 2014
  • Marcel Romijn

BRACE is a partner in a project initiated by the HAN University of Applied Science. In this project initially a prototyping environment (Fast&Curious) was developed for small and medium sized companies. Main focus were automotive companies however also the robotics industry got involved. The SMARTcode project is a follow-up that has a focus on series production.

In SMARTcode the cost-effective tools for model-based development that were developed are prepared to be involved in projects for series production were topics such as functional safety, robustness, diagnostics and service-ability are at a high priority.
In SMARTcode also recommended practices are developed that are geared to smaller companies.

The project is executed in a community format where BRACE Automotive is one of the partners. The Dutch government partially funds the project via the RAAK-MKB.

A complete description can be found here (in Dutch):

An example of one of the tools is HANTune which acts as calibration tooling and later will also act as a diagnostic or service tool.

In the Dutch magazine "Bits&Chips" two short articles were published earlier:


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