results holidayphotocontest

  • Nov. 13, 2014
  • Robert Janssen

The quality of the Brandfort holiday photocontest has skyrocketed this year. In total 69 photographs were submitted out of which a jury of 4 successfully made a Top 3 selection. The jury specifically paid attention to Creativity (25%), Photographic Quality (40%), Use of the themes (25%) and the combination with the description (10%).

The winner of the 2014 edition is Arvind Jayashankar. The title of the photo is: Lightpainting I <3 NYC. Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn. No photoshop involved.

In 2nd place: Victor van den Broeck with “Spelen met vuur”. In 3rd place again Arvind Jayashankar this time with “No Worries”.

The jury had a difficult selection to make for a #1. Both Victor and Arvind scored the same and fitted the Be Ingenious theme very well. In the end Arvind has been chosen as the #1 since he managed to make a technically very challenging photograph which likely involved a lot of effort. On an additional note Arvind also made it to 3rd place with one of his other photographs in the theme "No worries" and is therefore a true winner.

Runner-ups outside of the Top 3 were the photographs of Ruud Evers and Jordy Albertz.


This photograph is very difficult to create. Due to a long opening time of the shutter the river is turned in to a smooth surface. Not only is the skyline very recognizable the light-paint effect brings another dimension to the photo. Also remarkable is that the lady on the left is not affected by the long shutter time due to the use of a separate flash.


This photograph has a very good composition. The dock draws attention to the left where someone is literally playing with fire. A long shutter time really shows the effect. At the same time the colours are great. On the right the cold blue/white with the nights sky including moon and stars (and reflections in the water) and the fire and the bright red seats next to it.


A familiar photograph of the grand canyon but with a twist. The composition matches well with the "No worries" theme with the person in the left part. The depth in the picture shows with vague background and a foreground that is very sharp and connects with the sun. The black-and-white brings out the shadow contrasts and makes it a more interesting photo than it would have been in colour.

Runner-up Jordy Albertz.

This photo is a great example of an interesting landscape. The winding road draws the attention and shows the depth. The colour combination of the landscape, the yellow car with red rear lights completes the package.

Runner-up Ruud Evers.

A very creative version of a romantic dinner in Toscane, Italy. The shadows show 2 persons without revealing the camera position. The colours match what one would expect of a summer night in Italy.


De Jury consisted of Hans Martens and 3 former winners: Arno Pijnappels, Frank Steeghs en Robert Jansen.