Result of Brandfort photocontest 2016

  • Nov. 3, 2016
  • Frank Steeghs

The judges once again had the honor to select the winners of the Brandfort photo contest. There was a very good contribution of beautiful entries this year. The top five were completely different kinds of pictures, but in the ranking by the jury they were very close.

Like last year, there were two ‘first’ prizes: two balloon flights, one for an employee of Brandfort (ACE, BRACE or BDF-Talent) and one for the best entry by participants not employed by Brandfort. The photos were judged on creativity (30%), photographic quality (40%), use of theme (20%) and caption (10%).

Winner Brandfort employees

The winner for the Brandfort holiday contest 2016 : Wouter van der Chijs (ACE Eindhoven) with the picture “I've got the crabs!". The main subject of this close up photo of a crab is beautifully focused with a good combination of sharpness and depth. This effect creates a fore- and background with a beautiful structure which has the same colors as the crab. The photo also fits with the theme "Stay curious.” That’s why this is a worthy picture to win the holiday contest.

Winner external participants

Stefan Wapstra became the winner of the external participants with the picture “A higher perspective”. This picture, which was made by a drone in Utrecht, fits well with the other theme of the competition "Change your perspective”. It seems easy to take a nice picture with a drone, but there is much more to it than taking a conventional picture. What makes this picture attractive is that it is made during dusk so the horizon can be seen and there is enough detail in the dark areas. The street lights give some warm colors in the picture. The two canals provide guiding lines that take the viewer’s attention through to the back of the picture. Another funny element is that most people try to recognize city where the picture is taken; this gives an extra dimension to it. The city is Utrecht, and the picture is taken over Park Oog in Al nearby the city center.

Review of Top 5

Since there were many interesting pictures in the photo contest, the jury has chosen to also announce the other three candidates in the top 5.

3 Bram Slabbers - Just sail away through the clouds

Like the winning picture 'A higher perspective', this picture was taken with a drone. The clouds’ reflection in the water make it look like the boat sails through them. The colors of the blue sky and the green forests match well, and of course it’s nice that the picture is taken from high up.

4 Ruud Evers - To make you curious

The burner of a hot air balloon gives it a very technical impression, but the balloon itself give a very nice color to it. The entire subject is sharp in the picture; just above the burner the heat blurs the focus on the balloon. Because the photo was taken from below without seeing the entire balloon, it is very clear that it is a hot air balloon that makes the photo very attractive. (hoezo?)

5 Anouk Hommersom - Sets butterfly, Ailefroide, France

This photo is a beautiful combination of nature and mechanics through the combination of the butterfly next to the carabiners. The colors in the photo are well balanced because the butterfly has the same colors as its surroundings.

Judges Like last year the judges were Arno Pijnappels, Robert Janssen and Frank Steeghs.

You can see all entries by the following link: Brandfort holiday contest 2016