Our colleague Diederik van Dijk was interviewed by "Carriereverhalen.nl"

  • May 1, 2015
  • Marcel Romijn

A couple of weeks ago Diederik was interviewed about his career path and the reasons why he likes to work at BRACE Automotive. In short his career story. The interview was performed by a professional journalist of the Dutch website www.carriereverhalen.nl This website aims at providing background on how it really is to work as an engineer and how it really is to work in the covered company. While the interview is in Dutch below some highlights are added translated to English.

For the original interview please refer to: http://carriereverhalen.nl/verhalen/automotive-bij-brace-heeft-gewoon-alles/#

Name: Diederik van Dijk

Age: 24

Company: BRACE Automotive

Years with the company: 1

When Diederik (24) was searching for a thesis asignment to complete his Bachelor studies HTS Autotechniek he found it difficult to find something that was a right match. Untill his teacher contacted him for a thesis asignment at BRACE Automotive. The assignment combined theory and reality.

After completing his thesis; Diederik was hired by BRACE. He is currently a junior engineer in the cluster On-Board Diagnostics (OBD). He describes it: ‘OBD is everything related to monitoring the engine, related to extra exhaust gas emissions that can occur due to failure modes. Critical is that you can understand the processes behind it; you need to understand how exhaust gas emissions are formed and how the control systems and catalysts have an impact on it. To understand this type of relation is something I really like!’

‘Automotive has everything’, Diederik says enthousiastic. ‘Electronics, mechanics, dynamics, hydraulics, in a car there are so many different technical aspects. If your interested in any way in these type of technologies, especially when combined with vehicle applications BRACE is the place to be.’