Our colleague Bart Oosthoek was interviewed by "Carriereverhalen.nl"

  • Sept. 8, 2014
  • Marcel Romijn

Recently Bart was interviewed about his career path and the reasons why he likes to work at BRACE Automotive. The interview was performed by a professional journalist of the Dutch website www.carriereverhalen.nl While the interview is in Dutch below some highlights are added translated to English.

For the original interview please refer to: http://carriereverhalen.nl/verhalen/functional-safety/ ----NOTE: updated link due to website update @ carriereverhalen----

  • Name: Bart Oosthoek

  • Age: 31

  • Function: Project Engineer

  • Business unit: Functional Safety

  • Company: BRACE Automotive

  • Years with the company: 3

When Bart received his Bachelor degree he joined an automotive software electronics company. Unfortunately this company ceased to exist during the financial crisis which forced Bart to rethink his career.

He received an offer by ProRail; the Dutch governing body of the railroads. Besides purely governing the target of ProRail was also to be involved in the development of safety systems. A perfect opportunity for Bart to take a (further) deep dive in Functional Safety.

When Bart started to miss the automotive world he started to look around. At that time BRACE approached him and Bart did not need much time to consider the offer. Quickly he realized that at BRACE there were many possibilities to learn and progress in his career. Also he saw many possibilities to take on responsibilities and show initiative.

"The Functional Safety knowledge I possessed when I joined BRACE has now evolved to a level of specialist. Within BRACE there has been room to develop my and our own vision on Functional Safety."