BRACE will be presenting on EV-OBD at the 2016 SAE OBD Europe conference in Stuttgart.

  • Jan. 22, 2016
  • Marcel Romijn

From 29th of February 2016 to March 2nd 2016 the industry experts and government officials from around the world will meet in Stuttgart again to discuss experiences with regards to OBD. BRACE has been invited as a presenter.

BRACE will bring a slightly different perspective to the table; OBD systems for Electric Vehicles. The title is: "Electric Vehicle Diagnostic Systems, A Simple Task or Not?"

Conference agenda download:
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The abstract is as follows: "The upraise of Electric Vehicles is an ongoing trend and at a glance brings a lot of simplification to the powertrain. As a result new companies are stepping into this market with little knowledge of traditional automotive development. For the diagnostic system of such vehicles a similar attitude is held; but is this justified? The Massachusetts Right-to-Repair act is a legislation that impacts the diagnostic system and includes EVs. Europe has
serviceability requirements also. Diagnostics that can pinpoint problems to the charging station or the vehicle must be in place to handle warranty properly. And some EVs reveal to be really REX (Range Extender) which brings them back into the OBDII requirements."

Please have a look at the agenda for the other presenters and details on how to sign-up for the conference.


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