BRACE was a speaker at the VDI Conference on Connected Off-Highway Machines

  • May 17, 2016
  • Jules Breuer

At this conference held May 10 and 11 in Dusseldorf, Germany BRACE has presented "On-board and cloud based diagnostics – The sunny and the dark side". BRACE has been over the last years very active in connected car/machine topics with regards to possibilities to improve service and repair. Combined with the knowledge of applicable legislation and legal framework and the continuous build-up of knowledge in the automotive cyber security area we are able to provide an overview.

The presentation at this conference had a focus on the off-highway industry and discusses the following:

• Classification of diagnostic algorithms

• New possibilities in moving to cloud

• The dark side of cloud based diagnostics

• Possible architectures and infrastructures

• Liability and legislation influences

The presentation was made in cooperation with Matthias Weber of Roben Automotive and Medi Samsami of Bearingpoint.

For the presentation please look into the attached PDF: Download PDF


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