BRACE was a speaker at the CTI Conference on Exhaust systems

  • May 26, 2016
  • Jules Breuer

BRACE and ROBEN have presented at the 14th International CTI Conference on the 24th of May in Frankfurt am Main. Marcel Romijn (BRACE) and Matthias Weber (ROBEN) were presenting on behalf of the two collaborating companies and explained some of the risks and possibilities in the usage of delete kits for SCR, EGR & DPF. Never before has the subject of exhaust gas after treatment enjoyed as much attention as it did last year. It became clear that environmental protection is becoming increasingly important when evaluating technical products, and that vehicle manufacturers are called upon to provide solutions.

Nowadays, it seems almost normal to modify vehicles with regards to emissions. Many laws make it illegal and some laws require protection.
Actual enforcement of laws is very different from country to country.

The presentation at this conference discussed the following subjects:

• Modification of an Aftertreatment System: OBD and legal aspects

• How a delete kit can sabotage your system

• How to protect against modifications

The presentation was made in cooperation with Matthias Weber of Roben Automotive.

For the presentation please look into the attached PDF: Download PDF


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