BRACE participation at the 3rd International Conference „Heavy-Duty Diesel Diagnostics“ on the 9th of October 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany.

  • July 16, 2014
  • Marcel Romijn

At the upcoming conference focusing on diagnostics for Heavy-duty trucks and Off-highway machines BRACE will be one of the presenters and in addition BRACE will have an exhibition boot at the conference location.

At this conference the exhibition boot will be manned by technical experts from the BRACE competence clusters on On Board Diagnostics and Functional Safety. Both OBD and Functional Safety are triggers for designing and implementing diagnostics. BRACE has a large amount of experience with these topics also in heavy-duty trucks and in the off-highway industry.

Download the program with registration forms here:
Download PDF

The presentation by BRACE will focus on "OBD & NOx anti-tampering system architecture – Experiences and lessons learned". It will cover:

  • Legislation requirements impacting system architecture

  • Diagnostic master and slaves

  • Use of „off-the-shelf“ smart sensors/actuators from suppliers

  • Architecture consequences in legislation compliance, required service information and emissions warranty

If you are interested in the conference there are still possibilities to register. Also the day before the conference it is possible to take a tour at the Continental ECU production plant; an activity that BRACE can recommend.


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