BRACE migrated to new project management & development tooling

  • April 23, 2015
  • Marcel Romijn

Recently BRACE has started to upgrade their toolchain for development processes and project management. ACA IT from Belgium has organised the setup and hosting.

Originally a TRAC and SVN environment was used in combination with customer systems where applicable. These systems were hosted on an internal server system.

TRAC was found to be very much focussed on software development while our needs are more in the system development. Also the internal server hosting meant the productivity of engineers was less than optimal for those that had to spend part of their time on it.

In the background and in specific test environments a toolchain concept was created that matches the BRACE development process, can adapt to our customers development processes and can support project management more.

The chosen toolchain relies for a large part on Atlassian tools. JIRA is the project management tool that is easily adaptable per project. Even (semi-)Agile projects can exist next to strict V-cyle projects. A proper SVN integration ensures version and partially configuration management. The Confluence tool provides a wiki like environment in which knowledge can be shared.

Based on the geographic spread of BRACE engineers and their frequent travelling a system that can be accessed from everywhere was needed. At the same time all the confidential data must be secure.

The Belgium company ACA IT organized the hosting to comply to our requirements and ensured the setup of all the Atlassian and SVN tools according to custom BRACE requirements.

Please find the story of ACA IT about the BRACE project at this link:

At BRACE we will continue tweaking and expanding our toolchain based on our needs. As such more updates may follow.


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