BRACE is co-author on "Why we need a harmonized interface between vehicles and the cloud"

  • March 16, 2015
  • Marcel Romijn

Next week the CTI Automotive Diagnostic Systems conference is being held in Stuttgart. One of the presentations there is given by two members of the OBD4HDD group. BRACE is one of the co-authors.

On 23 till 25 March the conference will be held. Matthias Weber (Continental Engineering Services) and Roman Cunis (ServiceXpert) will present on diagnostics in combination with connected car.
The main point in the presentation is describing why a single standardized interface for internet connectivity is needed. Items such as the link with OBD and diagnostic systems or cyber security are discussed. Also the relation of connected car and service information requirements (or Right-to-repair) is part of it.

The presentation is a starting point for a white-paper that will be made in the OBD4HDD group. BRACE is a co-author on the paper as well.

For more info on the conference:


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