Brace Be ingenious app

  • April 1, 2014
  • Frank Steeghs

ACE and BRACE received a lot of positive feedback on the introduction of the new branding and the new slogan: Be ingenious. We have chosen to use people in our new branding to show that our employees play a central role in our organization. These people wear a special ‘mask’ of technical illustrations.

We developed in cooperation with ICT Automatisering a special application for the tablet and smartphones, because a lot of people showed their interest in how we made these masks. This app is called the Be Ingenious app. Now it’s possible to make a picture of a person through this application. The app will generate a unique mask in the picture of this person. The video down here will explain more about his app.

You can download the Be Ingenious app free temporarily at Google Play or App Store. We’re very excited about your first results. Please send us your picture which you made with this app to:

download app


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