BRACE Automotive launches new website

  • Feb. 18, 2014

Recently BRACE launched a new website. Both in design as well as in technology the site has been upgraded. We interviewed Robert Janssen who worked as developer on the new site.

The new website has recently been launched. Striking is the difference in design. What are the main changes compared to the previous website?

Robert: "There are big differences! The previous website only scarcely used the users' screen. The new website always makes full use of screen width and height. Also we have chosen to implement a responsive design to enable correct display of the site on tablets and smartphones."

Nowadays there are lots of new possibilities to build a new website. Which one did you choose and why?

Robert: "We did not want to continue with a combination of HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript and start from scratch again. We had external advise on a new developers language/environment that is being used a lot these days in website development, Django. This environment provides room for handmade development but also provides easy templates for instance for: SEO, user friendly URL's, security and division between front and back end."

"Django also provides a connection with bootstrap framework. This is purely a front end framework that makes sure that your content is displayed correctly on the vast variety of screens that your website is shown on. Mainly this last argument convinced us to go for the Django/bootstrap combination."

Does this make it easier to manage the website in the future?

Robert: "Now we have a very simple system to add and update references, news and blog. I am very happy with the way this works. Because with many standard systems and templates, usability is most often forgotten. Now it is very easy for us to maintain the site's content."

"Adding a complete new functionality to the new site is a new challenge for me. Django works with language Python. There is a very specific division between layers which means you have to pay close attention to where you add something."

Can I see the new website also on my smartphone or tablet?

Robert: "Because we used the responsive design functionality, the website is displayed correctly on all systems."

Finally, developing websites is an exact matter. Of how many 1's and 0's does the site consist?

Robert: "At the last count the site consisted of 270.924.818 zero's and one's!"


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