Reminder photo contest 2019

  • Aug. 30, 2019
  • Manon Peeters

The shorts are put away again, the swimwear goes in the back of your closet and the jackets and coats re-appear. The ice cream parlors are gradually closing and the sun is being exchanged for rain. It is that time again, the summer is coming to an end....

But.... you can still close your summer happily by winning a balloon flight! How did you experience your summer? Did you make beautiful pictures of special moments during your vacation? If you did, you should take part in our photo contest. You can submit your most beautiful / special / nicest / craziest photo to ACE until the first of October. After this, the jury will determine who will be the winner of the balloon flight!

It is worth a shot, right? We are looking forward to see all the photos! If you want to participate, quickly click here!