Functional Safety Demonstration project - Cruise Control in panic mode

  • Sept. 25, 2015
  • Marcel Romijn

In a new demonstration project BRACE has selected the Functional Safety competence as a central topic. In a cooperation with the HAN University of Applied Science a demonstration project has been setup. The project is executed by a thesis student of the HAN and an intern student of the TU/e.

In this project a conventional cruise control system is used as a basis. The cruise control system is analyzed for its usecases and area's of behavior shortfalls. At this stage, the analysis is undertaken on a purely functional level, without taking into consideration excessive details from the technical implementation domain. Functional analysis focusses on finding the effects of the above mentioned behavioral shortfalls and quantify it.

The intent is to release the usecases and the functions that can go wrong on a plant model of a vehicle. Naturally process steps such as Item definition, HARA, Safety Goals and Functional Safety concept follow. Simulink diagrams are used for the plantmodel and SysML in Enterprise Architect is used for the rest of the functional analysis.

The reason to stay as universal and free from technical implementation is to show this part of the safety analysis can be done rather generic and can be reused.

Once the analysis on the functional level has been completed a vehicle equiped with cruise control is selected. In this vehicle failure modes will be added for the operational situations that showed the most significant effects in the simulations. On a closed proving ground it will be verified how the vehicle complies to the Functional Safety concept that was setup to be very generic.

The test performed will showcase the capability of methodologies including simple on-vehicle tests, which will enable engineers to create simple test setups and validate safety of automotive systems. This method is advantageous on the front that it does not require in-depth technical knowledge of the specified vehicle.

Thanks to the cooperation with the HAN we have acces to a Volvo C30 gasoline vehicle and can get acces to a closed proving ground.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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