Exhaust gas emissions tests with EGR leakage; BRACE & HAN cooperate

  • March 12, 2014
  • Marcel Romijn

BRACE Automotive is cooperating with the HAN University of Applied Science. In this project the effects of an EGR leakage of a Diesel engine are measured. For BRACE this data is used to validate and further improve data analysis methods as used in customer projects on the topic of OBD. For the HAN this data is used to improve the knowledge level on emission control systems and the failure mode effects in these systems.


Recently a first test was performed on a chassis dyno according to an exhaust gas emissions certification cycle. The vehicle used was a Euro 4 Citroën C6 with a 2.7L V6 HDi Diesel engine. The test cycle used was the US FTP75 as this test cycle shows a more realistic and more aggressive driving pattern than the NEDC cycle as used for Europe. On this vehicle a system has been implemented to have a controllable EGR leak to the environment.

Using continuous sampling exhaust gas equipment the readings on the main pollutants are gathered. Comparisons are made between tests with and without EGR leakage.

The vehicle has been tested on a chassis dyno that uses flywheels and a water brake to simulate the drag resistance and the mass of the vehicle for acceleration. In addition a large air fan is used in front of the vehicle to generate air flows in the engine compartment similar to a vehicle driving at speed.

The test cycle driver has to follow the vehicle speed profile of the test cycle as shown. For the FTP75 with this vehicle both brake and throttle pedals are used in a intense way to keep up with the acceleration and decelerations required.

Stay tuned for updates!


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