Career story José Lopes

  • Jan. 23, 2020
  • Maurice Moens

Brace Automotive engineer José Lopes was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. He found himself attracted to The Netherlands by chance.

“In Lisbon I did a Mechanical Engineering integrated Master’s Program at the Instituto Superior Técnico. During this Master I spent one semester in the Netherlands through the Erasmus program. I really enjoyed my time there and it felt like it was too short! Therefore, after I finished my studies, I wanted to come and work in the Netherlands and I found in Brace Automotive the best partner to do this.”

José effortlessly sums up the key elements that he appreciates in Brace Automotive: “This automotive engineering company is quite international, open and most importantly is involved in very interesting and innovative projects. So far I worked in projects for composite electrical buses and automated guided vehicles.”
Not many engineers have these experiences at such an early stage in their careers. “I have been working as a design engineer using the CAD software Solidworks. But I also had the opportunity of doing tasks as project engineer!”

José was relatively young when he moved to the Netherlands. “I was only 23 years old and the support Brace Automotive gave me was quite helpful and made for an easier transition to this country. My knowledge of the Dutch language was very limited when I arrived in Eindhoven and Brace Automotive provided me with Dutch language courses to help improve it.”

Dutch professionals tend to all speak English as a second language. “All the projects I worked on were done in English. This is a huge advantage of working in a Dutch environment. Everyone knows English and does not mind speaking it. All the documentation and meetings are in English if any expat is involved. This is a huge help for integration in my new country.”

One of the biggest differences José experienced since working at Brace Automotive is the organisational structure. “Compared to Portugal the working environment has some differences, especially in the organisational structure. At Brace Automotive this structure consists of a few levels of hierarchy between management and staff level employees. This “flat” structure relies on higher trust between employees while promoting their increased involvement in the decision-making process.”

When asked if he likes this different approach, he replies: “Personally, I prefer this approach since in each team everyone feels much more involved in their projects. Additionally, Brace Automotive’s environment is friendly and relaxed, with social events regularly promoted by the company.”

Brace Automotive is always looking for engineers. José indicates: “It is nice to see how Brace Automotive is developing. New colleagues are welcomed with enthusiasm by our team. Have a look at our vacancy Mechanical Engineer CAD, perhaps it will interest you!”

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