BRACE'ers Mark Maessen and Bart Oosthoek were presenters at the CIA Mobile Machine Control conference 2015

  • July 2, 2015
  • Marcel Romijn

At this conference BRACE presented on two topics:

  • Functional safety for commercial vehicles and mobile machinery using systems engineering - by Bart Oosthoek

  • Experience on quick and cost-effective translation of concept model to production code - by Mark Maessen

At this conference suppliers and OEM's that are active in mobile machinery come together to discuss control systems. As many mobile machines fit into the automotive domains BRACE joined the conference.
BRACE was accepted with two whitepapers both showing typical automotive topics that also apply to mobile machines.

At the links below you can find the whitepapers that were written by several BRACE engineers and presented by Bart and Mark.

Functional Safety by Bart:
Download PDF

Concept to Production code by Mark:
Download PDF

CIA also mentioned the conference in their newsletter:


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