BRACE’er Mark Soons has a side job as an automotive technology teacher

  • April 17, 2015
  • Marcel Romijn

One of our engineers shares his knowledge to the students of the automotive school at the Summa College Eindhoven. This school focusses on mid-level technical education and can act as a preparation for a Bachelors level study. Mark Soons spends besides his activities at BRACE one day a week to bring the students interesting questions and answers about vehicle fundamentals as aerodynamics, rolling- and grade resistance and powertrain applications.

Mark: “Having completed the same school before I went on for my Bachelors degree I noticed that some changes have occured since I finished my diagnostic specialists study. First of all; the diagnostic specialist study has changed to focus more on background of the technology and as such prepare the students to think more like an engineer. For example the students now learn more about CAD, math, thermodynamics and strength of materials. It’s like my bachelor automotive engineering on a smaller, simpler basis, which is a positive preparation to do a further study in my opinion. If they are able to take follow-up steps in their future such as a Bachelor or even a Master degree in engineering they open up even more possibilities for themselves in their future career. It’s my task as an enthusiastic engineer to remove the boring and dusty reputation and make the students excited for the real automotive-world with real examples from my own background and from what I see and learn at BRACE. For example I can illustrate the practical use of the normally boring math part in projects like developing universal engine knock-detection, on board diagnostics monitors, digital quick shifters etc. My second drive to teach the younger students is my vision about curriculum at different mid-level technology studies since it’s far behind today’s automotive related developments. Outdated basically. Combined with the knowledge gained at BRACE I can bring the newest developments into the lessons.”


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