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BRACE Automotive is active in the specialized domains powertrain, interior and chassis systems. Our services incorporate mechanical, mechatronics and software aspects in automotive system development and integration.

As a service provider we tailor our services around the heartbeat of our customers’ projects to deliver practical, agile and smart solutions. We typically distinguish different service levels: from resource staffing for client teams to our own knowledge products offered in our consultancy services.
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Since our approach is multi-domain and our awareness is at system level, we strongly challenge our engineers to think outside the box. Specific expertise from our competence clusters is involved and together we look where value can be added. Automotive development requires looking beyond the traditional boundaries of functional disciplines. It means looking from a different perspective and requires an integrated systems approach that is compliant with multi-domain aspects of development cycles.

BRACE Automotive is specialized in development and engineering of vehicle systems. We build relations on a long-term collaboration with both our clients and employees: sharing vision, experience and continued successes in an innovative and results driven culture.

Projects range from the conceptual phase to complete engineered products. It includes analysis and research, resident engineering, farm-out engineering, consulting and ends with turn-key or fixed price deliveries of prototypes. During this process our lead engineers act as resident integrators between suppliers and vehicle manufacturers and form the bridge between our customer and our design team.

Our embedded controls & software engineers work according to the V-model or agile development processes. Our involvement starts at systems or component requirements engineering and can finish up to controller prototyping and low level software drivers. To ensure an efficient and effective project result, we are able to integrate functional safety requirements, AUTOSAR architecture and model based design in combination with auto code generation, validation and testing.

Our mechanical designers bring your concepts to manufacturable products within the boundaries of your requirements. Therefore we deploy expertise in areas such as packaging, gearing, bearing and molding. Always in compliance with OEM standards and architecture. When needed we can work directly in your PDM/PLM system. Techniques like rapid prototyping, kinematics, computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis are incorporated in our way of working.

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Functional Safety specialist

Do you want to do more than just ISO 26262 ?

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Specialist Model Based Design

Interested in practical implementation of the control theory ?

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specialist in the field of On Board Diagnostics

Interested in automotive OBD systems? Click here!

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